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Cynthia Witthoft :: Freak Women (2009)





(Freak Women - EP 2009)
01 - Groteska
02 - Freak Women
03 - Bestial Body

(Blues Full Of Nicotine - EP 2006)
04 - Blues For Reddo G?den
05 - Tofu Dependent
06 - The Matrix Solution
07 - Blues Full Of Nicotine
08 - Water Closet Blues
09 - House Of The Rising Sun

(Garage Pussy - Demo 2002)
10 - The Third Leg
11 - Jaskinia Metal
12 - Distorted Memory
13 - To Those Who Are Having Sexual Problems
14 - Cyber Pussy
15 - Scavenging Behaviour
16 - A Trubte To My Carnivorous Plants
17 - Bad Knowing




Cynthia Witthoft :: Rectal Hidden Tracks II (2002)


01 Dream Implosion

02 Suck My Milk and I Suck Yours
03 Our Hallucinogenic Drugs
04 Beg for Your Life
05 Eisoptrophobia & Aeronausiphobia
06 Adult Ballad
07 Invincible Woman
08 The Morning of the Magicians
09 Dominatrix Mistress
10 Dangerous Trucks
11 Guilty Pleasures Right Here!
12 Buddha's Return
13 Corrupted Fingers
14 The Architecture of Destruction
15 God' Sexy Hands (Tribute to Dream Theater)
16 Daring Ummagumma I
17 Daring Ummagumma II

01 Eschatological Desire

02 My Mom Taught Me How to Be a Bitch Like Her
03 Sweet Torture
04 Darkness, Sadness and Tragedy
05 Here We Are Waiting for You
06 Janusz' Eleven Inch Flesh Between My Legs
07 Esquizophonia
08 Horror Hair
09 Alive In Morgue
10 Crucifying Everybody
11 I Wanna Watch the End of the Humanity
12 Simone de Beauvoir
13 Carpe Diem
14 Róża Luksemburg Blues
15 Live Improvisation I
16 Live Improvisation II
17 Live Improvisation III
18 Live Improvisation IV
19 Live Improvisation V
20 Fade to Black
21 Nothing Else Matters


Cynthia Witthoft :: I Should Not Believe in a Satan Who Does Not Dance (1998)




01 Never Marry the First Man you Fuck
02 Sexy Noise Turn Me On
03 The Politics of Social Revolt
04 The Sound and the Fury
05 I Should Not Believe in a Satan Who Does Not Dance
06 Metal Style
07 If God Really Loved Me, God Would Send Me More Money
08 Extreme Woman
09 Dance with the Devil
10 It's Just You and Me
11 Fast Fuck
12 New World Order
13 The Immortal Beauty
14 Suicidal Risk
15 Competent Human
16 Adolescent Alienation
17 Enigma (live) - bonus



Cynthia Witthoft :: Techno Scorpion (1994)


Disk One:
01 The Techno Scorpion
02 The Homosexual Priest
03 Immunohistologic Identification
04 Day of Female Fury
05 A Killer Headache
06 Animated War
07 Supersonic Orgasm
08 Life Song
09 The God Machine
10 Confidential Forum
11 Dead Kennedys Lover
12 Relax, It’s Just Turbulence !
13 Spanish Soul
14 Eletronic Mozart
15 Seven Steps to Death
16 Bach Reincarnated as C3PO
17 Happy and Bleeding
18 Cruise Ship Orgy
19 Deep Humour
20 Dark Drama

Disk Two:
01 Romanian Exorcism
02 Second Life
03 Death Techno Metal Experiment
04 Hardcore Tendencies
05 Just Smile and Walk Away
06 Unconscious Mind
07 Book Lungs
08 Scorpion Venom
09 Sexual Selection
10 Short Integration
11 The Gallic Hero
12 Kamikaze Trip
13 It's Just You and Me
14 Mohammed's Ascension
15 Desert Talk
16 Heavy Techno Industrial
17 Psycho Soap
18 Morpheus' Encounter
19 Boring Ass Life
20 First Techno Experiment



Cynthia Witthoft :: Classy Metal & Charm (2007)



Disk One:
01 The Rescuer of Andromeda

02 The Wife of Cepheus
03 The Unicorn
04 The Chamaeleon
05 The Lesser Bear ( I & II )
06 The Sails of the Argo
07 The Southern Triangle
08 The Microscope
09 The Horned Goat
10 The Winged Horse
11 The Dolphin
12 The Techno Scorpion

Disk Two:
01 The Carpenter's Level

02 Castor and Pollux
03 The Dragon
04 Bernice's Lock of Hair
05 The King of Ethiopia
06 The Sextant
07 The Daughter of Cassiopeia
08 The Little Fox
09 The Bird of Paradise
10 The Peacock
11 Robot Black Metal



Cynthia Witthoft :: Hardcore Girl (2002)




01 Hardcore Girl
02 Relics of Our Satanic Predecessors
03 Candida Royalle
04 Political and Idealogical Integrity
05 Heavy Metal Never Dies
06 I'm a Hypocritical Bitch and I Love It!



Cynthia Witthoft :: You Think You Know Me? (2005)




01 There's Only One Demon and Jehovah Is His Messenger
02 Bucefalus & Incitatus Are Moshing in Gehenna
03 Seven Steps to Death
04 Never Let Me Go
05 Thrilling Female Anal Sphincter
06 Back to the Future
07 Wolfish Zoophilia
08 Lizzie Borden
09 Let's Rape and Pillage USA
10 Uninvited Blues
11 You Think You Know Me?
12 Salome's Head Collection
13 A Big Black Dick Makes Me Feel So Good Inside!
14 Soul Distortion
15 Mary Ann Cotton
16 Lysergic Extreme Metal
17 The Suicide Note by Wendy O. Williams
18 Canadian Pink Blood
19 Book Lungs
20 The Early Punk Years I
21 Epilogue: Grace Marks
22 The Early Punk Years II



Cynthia Witthoft :: Around the World: An Internet Anthology (2005)


Essa polonesa do metal eu sei que muita gente gosta aqui, então: um presente de natal!
01 Pet Flesh Fly
02 Polish Blood
03 Life is a Casket Surprise
04 Playing Classic Hits
05 We Never Went to the Moon
06 Porn Wonder Woman
07 Scorpion Venom
08 The Postmodern Delusion
09 Secrete Is Clandestineness, Shame Is Embarrassment
10 Be Jonathan Livingston Seagull or Kill Him!
11 Spanish Street Springtime Fiesta
12 Our Hallucinogenic Drugs
13 Sometimes a Cigar Is Just a Cigar
14 Who Killed My Imaginary Sea Monkeys?
15 I Decided, I Can Do Everything!
16 The Thirty Gates to Paradise
17 Frog Rain
18 Around the World
19 My Mom Taught Me How to Be a Bitch Like Her
20 R.I.P.
21 Necrophonia
22 Alive In Morgue
23 Transmission of Commander Ashtar Sheran



Cynthia Witthoft :: The Eternal Fire of Zarathustra (iTunes 2008)



01 Lick It Off
02 Song to Intellectual Beauty
03 Jugular Dinner
04 The Effects of Acid on Different Kinds of My Personality
05 Voodoo Dolls Family
06 Cold Fingers
07 Brain Salad
08 From Outer Space
09 Consecration Of Death
10 Sweet Salem
11 Soul Damage
12 The Nazi Troops
13 Electromechanical Headbanger
14 Tryptophan Depletion
15 I Am in Your Blood
16 Toadstool Tea
17 The Eternal Fire of Zarathustra
18 Serotonin Synthesis
19 Ballad of a Talking Pussy
20 Red Planet

01 Under Murphy's Law
02 The Crow and the Warrior
03 Progressive Agression
04 Happy Sex Hour
05 Cynthia's Bedroom I
06 Cynthia's Bedroom II
07 Anna's Birthday Celebration
08 Extracorporeal Membrane
09 Race to Fuck
10 Beethoven's Skull
11 H. R. Giger Monster
12 Fatal Solution of Thaurissan
13 Ankylosing Spondylitis
14 The Lost World
15 Looking to the Blood Sky
16 Radical Rave
17 Drink My Menstrual Fluid
18 Intracranial Noise



Cynthia Witthoft :: The Murder of Oneself [compilation] (2007)




01 My Guitar Went Wild with Excitement
02 The Murder of Oneself
03 Solution of All Problems
04 Beyond the Storm
05 A Perfect Song for a Movie Soundtrack
06 The Supreme Power
07 This Is My Domain, Any Question?
08 Silicone Obsession
09 You Can't See Me
10 Lowlife
11 Pietushkin Loves Gombrowicz But He Loves Me Even More!
12 Haunted House
13 Fucking Feng Shui
14 Just Won't Burn
15 Bisexual Fantasies
16 Girl Eats Girl
17 With and Without Sexy Metal
18 Dumb Emo
19 Short and Sweet Like Me
20 The Violet Mouth Effect
21 Lesbian Grunge Pop Porn
22 The Fuckin' Final



Cynthia Witthoft :: Tom Waits Bad Breath (2006)



Line up:
Cynthia Witthoft: Guitarra, Sampler, Teclados, Voz
Elżbieta Ślubne: Bateria, Efeitos Sonoros, Voz
Maciek Gogacz: Bateria, Efeitos Sonoros, Voz
Anna Murawska: Teclados, Piano, Voz
Janusz Kowalczyk: Guitarra, Teclados, Sampler, Voz Principal
Tom Waits: Voz (faixas 3 & 5)
Koor Haarlem: Coral (faixa 3)
Renata Młodszy: Baixo, Guitarra, Voz
Catharina Ozdalga: Guitarra, Baixo, Voz
Zosienka Gogacz: Violino, Voz Principal

01 - Tom Waits Lives In My Dreams [Cynthia Witthoft, Elżbieta Ślubne & Maciek Gogacz]
02 - Tom Waits Caffeine [Anna Murawska & Janusz Kowalczyk]
03 - Misery Is The River Of The World [Tom Waits, Koor Haarlem & Anna Murawska]
04 - Tom Waits Makes Me Punk [Renata Młodszy & Elżbieta Ślubne]
05 - On the Road [Tom Waits Reinvented by Cynthia Witthoft]
06 - San Diego Serenade [Catharina Ozdalga, Zosienka Gogacz, Renata Młodszy & Janusz Kowalczyk]
07 - Kaktusowate [Maciek Gogacz]
08 - You Can Never Hold Back Spring [Janusz Kowalczyk]
09 - Chocolate Jesus [Zosienka Gogacz, Maciek Gogacz & Catharina Ozdalga]
10 - Tom Waits Bad Breath [Cynthia Witthoft & Janusz Kowalczyk]
11 - Tom Waits Makes Me Grind [Cynthia Witthoft & Maciek Gogacz]
12 - Good Old World [Anna Muraswka]
13 - Dirt In The Ground [Cynthia Witthoft, Zosienka Gogacz & Maciek Gogacz]
14 - Tom Waits For Lesbians [Janusz Kowalczyk, Catharina Ozdalga & Maciek Gogacz]
15 - Jockey Full of Bourbon [Renata Mlodszy & Janusz Kowalczyk]
16 - The Unrealized Tom Waits' Mohawks At The Diner [Anna Murawska & Renata Młodszy]
17 - Temptation [Cynthia Witthoft, Elzbieta Slubne & Zosienka Gogacz]
18 - Take It With Me [Anna Murawska]
19 - LowDown [Catharina Ozdalga, Elzbieta Slubne & Janusz Kowalczyk]
20 - Goin Out West [Catharina Ozdalga, Elzbieta Slubne & Janusz Kowalczyk]



Cynthia Witthoft :: The Most Versatile Band Ever (1996)



Polonia / 1996 / Instrumental Metal
Previously album only available through extinct Cynthia Witthoft's website, "The Most Versatile Band Ever" has finally gotten a commercial release by Midnight FM. All in all this is certainly a good buy for any fan of Cynthia Witthoft who has been following her up until now. But having said that, I cannot give this the full 5 stars for the reason that songs are extremely ecletic, from black metal to classical and hard rock. Yes, this is “The Most Versatile Band Ever”.The CD: Basically another collection of home recordings, b-sides and other rarities. If you're a long-time fan of Cynthia Witthoft, by all means get this. Having these rare songs is definitely nice. But if you're new to Cynthia Witthoft's music, start by getting her “The Murder of Oneself” album, or better yet, invest the extra cash and get the recently released deluxe edition of “The Libertines' Songs 1 & 2”. The industry is having a hard time classifying Cynthia Witthoft's music. Some say “extreme metal”, others “progressive metal”. Although her music contains elements of both, I would prefer to classify it under adult alternative hard-metal. I suppose what you would call it is up to the individual. (William Touller - Chicago)

01 A Thousand Nails Scratching Your Coffin
02 The Unsupportable God's Ego
03 Uczeń Czarnoksiężnika
04 You Smell Like Sperm
05 The Most Versatile Band Ever
06 Cynthia in 1773
07 Rock, Tantra & Enlightenment
08 I'm a Cyborg, But That's Ok!
09 Dance with the Devil at Home
10 Any Repetitive Noise Makes Me Crazy
11 Holly Boogie
12 Not Authorized Autobiography
13 My Hard Generation
14 Workaholic Band
15 Obrazki z Wystawy
16 Lysergic Albert Hofmann & Acid Timothy Leary
17 They Only Come Out at Night
18 Spring at Sanatorium
19 Eletronic Ghost Rider
20 Right About Reincarnation
21 Anna's Birthday Celebration [featuring with The Freelovers]
22 Women's Day-By-Day
23 Old School Hardcore I
24 Old School Hardcore II
25 Eating Men at Dinner
26 God Hates Me
27 The Final Cataclysm



Cynthia Witthoft :: Finland Defloration (The Best of Finland Tapes 2008)

Si alguien piensa que este álbum es malo porque no le gusta o rock, o metal o cualquier cosa que se ... el disco es fantástico!

Line up:
Cynthia Witthoft - guitarra, bajo, teclado, sampler, voz eventual
Janusz Kowalczyc - guitarra, voz eventual
Anna Murawska - teclado, sintetizador
Renata Mlodszy - bajo, guitarra
Maciek Gogacz - bateria
Catharina Ozdalga - guitarra
Elżbieta Ślubne - percusion

01 Dream Implosion
02 Here We Are Waiting for You
03 The Children of the Crow
04 The Depth of Shadows
05 Brutal Bullfight
06 The World's Wildest Delicacies
07 Meat Is Murder
08 Dangerous Trucks
09 The Architecture of Destruction
10 Visitors from Outer Space
11 My Beautiful Greasy Man
12 Allah Bless the Occident
13 The Striped Flying Cow
14 Playing with Thanatos' Paws
15 The Postmodern Delusion
16 The Baneful Life of Mary Shelley
17 Vulva Over Vulva
18 Requiem & Redemption



Cynthia Witthoft :: The Power Of Women (2008)




01 Anne Rice's Funeral
02 The Baneful Life of Mary Shelley
03 The Great Goddess Kālī
04 Simone de Beauvoir
05 Anaïs Nin: The Lady of My Dreams
06 The Daughter of Cassiopeia
07 Helen of Troy Should Be Bigamist
08 This Is for You Miss Tracy Conover
09 Bitch Tacher
10 Cicciolina Political Woman
11 Tribute with a Punch to Cookie Cutter Girl
12 Princess Diana Is Dead and the World Is Ever the Same
13 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
14 Yasodhara, Buddha's Wife
15 Anneliese Michel
16 Eve and Cleopatra with a Hundred Ejaculating Serpents
17 Myra Hindley & Karla Homolka Are So Stupid!
18 The Mysteries of Ann Radcliffe
19 Joanna d'Arc Should Be Fucked Up
20 Lilith's Power


01 Jesus & Mary Magdalene with Kama Sutra
02 Teresa z Ávila Glitter-metal
03 Elżbieta Batory
04 Tribute to Amber Dawn Landin
05 Orianthi & Carina Alfie Are Fabulous
06 The Rescuer of Andromeda
07 Candida Royalle
08 Mata Hari's Post-rock
09 Super Female Mary Ann Evans
10 Liona Boyd Hates Electric Guitar
11 Róża Luksemburg Blues
12 Lady of Siluva
13 Medusa's Hairdresser
14 Lizzie Borden
15 Salome's Head Collection
16 The Suicide Note by Wendy O. Williams
17 Jane Toppan, More Morphine Please!
18 Mary Ann Cotton
19 Grace Marks

Aqui os dejo este doble cd de esta genio del metal.... sin palabras! genialidad compas tras compas!!

Baja Parte 1
Baja Parte 2
Baja Parte 3



Cynthia Witthoft :: Last Recordings Before My suicide (2008)



Aqui os dejo el ultimo cd de esta extraña instrumentista polaca, tan misteriosa y bizarra a la vez, de ella se dice de todo, pero las cosas ciertas son su genialidad, sus artworks transgesores y pornograficos, sus apariciones en paginas de sexo bizarro, y que da muy pocos conciertos y sus grabaciones son dificilisimas de conseguir, y que apenas sale de la mansion en la que vive recluida, lo que alimenta la leyenda urbana de que sus ingresos son en realidad como compositora de musica para video juegos, pero todo estos es parte de la nebulosa que es su vida.. en cualquier caso es un cd que destila genialidad en todos sus compases... disfrutadlo con salud!!

Descargar Parte 1
Descargar Parte 2
Descargar Parte 3



Cynthia Witthoft :: Naked Metal Studies Two




Disc One:
01 God Made My Man and My Girl
02 Just Won't Burn
03 I'm a Hypocritical Bitch and I Love It
04 Used to the Pain or Love
05 Obscurity Knocks
06 Biological Self Organization
07 Alfred E. Neuman Loves Scientology and Dianetics
08 Intelligent Design
09 Fucking Feng Shui
10 Meet My Dinosaurs!
11 Heavy Metal Never Dies
12 The Caves of Southern Spain
13 Necromancing
14 Sugar Plum Fairy Puppet
15 The Whole Crazy Thing
16 Smiley White Faces

Disc Two:
01 Just a Thought
02 Never Let Me Go
03 Give Me Everything
04 Unfortunate Age
05 Anna's Atonal Guitar
06 Won't Let You Down
07 Everybody Else Is Doing It
08 Gone Daddy Gone
09 The Cat and the Mask
10 Lost in the Evening
11 Eat Me, I'm Delicious!
12 The Cynthia's Call
13 My Personal Hell
14 The Thief Technology
15 Eleven Crazy Nights
16 Tribute to My Fish Called Hendrix
17 The Stupid Science of Mental Illness
18 Spiderman of the Rings
19 The Love Object Sat Silent



Cynthia Witthoft :: Brazilian demon possession (2003)



Line Up:
Cynthia Witthoft - guitarra, bajo, teclado, sampler, voz eventual
Janusz Kowalczyc - guitarra, voz eventual
Anna Murawska - teclado, sintetizador
Renata Mlodszy - bajo, guitarra
Maciek Gogacz - bateria
Catharina Ozdalga - guitarra
Elżbieta Ślubne - percusion

Track list

01. If hell is eternal pain, then heaven is eternal orgasm, let's fuck!
02. Crazy duck hunter
03. The Astaroth screaming
04. How to create your own religion
05. The Pazuzu's holiday
06. American television
07. Bad trip and umpsquamadic peels
08. Brazilian demon possession
09. Yoruban myth
10. Political and idealogical integrity
11. The cult of the right hand [I & II]
12. Brain tumor hardcore [bonus track]
13. Environmental health [new version] [bonus track]
14. New british rock experience [bonus track]
15. Progressive rockabilly experience [bonus track]
16. Rockabilly jazz experience [bonus track]



Cynthia Witthoft :: Fighting in arena (2006)



Line Up:
Cynthia Witthoft - guitarra, bajo, teclado, sampler, voz eventual
Janusz Kowalczyc - guitarra, voz eventual
Anna Murawska - teclado, sintetizador
Renata Mlodszy - bajo, guitarra
Maciek Gogacz - bateria

Track list

01. German intro
02. I think you should just kill everybody
03. Leprechaun
04. Liar and kleptomaniac
05. Blood orgy of the she-devils
06. The astounding she-monster
07. Blue fuckin' trance
08. Don't look in the basement
09. Dark air
10. The chooper
11. Curse of the headless horseman
12. Green fuckin' trance
13. Hostile hauntings
14. Push it
15. Evil in the bayou
16. Small song under the rain
17. Fatal frames
18. Fighting in arena
19. Pink fuckin' trance

Descarga [1]
Descarga [2]



Cynthia Witthoft :: Techno Ultra Distortion [Promo Extended Version](2006)



Line Up:
Cynthia Witthoft - guitarra, bajo, teclado, sampler, voz eventual
Janusz Kowalczyc - guitarra, voz eventual
Catharina Özdalga - guitarra, sintetizador, voz eventual

Track list

01. Techno ultra distortion [promo extended version]



Cynthia Witthoft :: Robot black metal [ep] (1996)



Polonia | 1996 | Instrumental Extreme Metal

Track list

01. Robot black metal
02. The daughter of Cassiopeia
03. Castor and Pollux
04. The Lesser Bear I
05. The Lesser Bear II


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